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The Conference on World Affairs

WHERE: Held in early April each year on the beautiful University of Colorado campus.

WHAT: The Conference on World Affairs.

WHO: Sage souls from around the world travel to CU to share ideas.

FORMAT: Three or four panelists, a stage, a topic, an audience, and lots of great ideas everywhere.

WHAT'S SO SPECIAL ABOUT THIS PAGE? I attend as many panels as I can each year. The average is around 15 it seems. I have recently started to take better notes and collect the best ideas I see here. Actually the whole web site amounts to a collection of great ideas. Below are links to the years I have notes for and a summary of what I typed up for that year.

2003 Seventeen panels are summarized here. The main Panels Page has the panels summarized listed along with the two best ideas from each one. Those link to summaries of individual panels.
2001 Two lists which are collections of the best ideas and the best common themes that year.