Category: Humor
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Item: (Fake) Actual Naval Conversation
Item: .sig file, odd thought
Item: 12 Days of Christmas
Item: A Day Off?
Item: A Minnesota Winter
Item: Abbreviated History of Medicine
Item: Acronym S.H.I.T.
Item: Actor Taking His Work Too Seriously
Item: Air Force Denies Alien crash
Item: Air Force Maintenance Requests
Item: Al Davis and the Raiders
Item: An Address For All Occasions
Item: Answering Machine
Item: Answering Machine Message
Item: Answering Machine Message
Item: Answering Machine messages
Item: Answering Machine Messages
Item: Answering Machine Messages
Item: Answering Machine Messages
Item: Answering Machines
Item: Ape Experiment
Item: Baked Beans (Written better?)
Item: Banana Bread Recipe
Item: Barbie's Letter to Santa
Item: Best Fruitcake Ever
Item: Best Wishes
Item: Bill Gates House
Item: Birth Of a Candy Bar
Item: Birth of a Candy Bar
Item: Boy and Girlfriend Types
Item: Boy Scouts and Nuts
Item: Brandy Snitcher
Item: Bridge - Through Another's Eyes
Item: Buffalo Wings, Long, Good Writing style
Item: Bulwer-Lytton - 1996
Item: Bulwer-Lytton 1997
Item: Bus Ads, Pregnant Woman
Item: Bus Ads, Pregnant Women (Variation)
Item: Business Today - 1996
Item: Cakes and Ales, Final Exams
Item: Cat Bathing as a Martial Art
Item: Cats, Gross
Item: Cheerleader Jury
Item: Chicken Launcher
Item: Chicken Launcher
Item: Childish Dirty Story
Item: Childrens Letters to God
Item: Chili Cook-off
Item: Churchill Story
Item: Classic Letter to Dad
Item: College Entrance Exam
Item: College Entrance Letter - British version
Item: College Lessons
Item: Computer Observation
Item: Consumer Reports on Girlfriends (Satire)
Item: Cookie Recipe, by Engineers
Item: Darwin Award
Item: Darwin Award - 1997
Item: Darwin Award Type (Folklore?)
Item: Darwin Awards
Item: Dealing With Angry Airline Customers
Item: Dear Boss - A Variation
Item: Deductive Reasoning
Item: Definitions
Item: Deli Typo
Item: Dictionary of Dating
Item: DNA Code?
Item: Does Your Mother Know?
Item: Driving in Seattle
Item: Drunk Driving Story
Item: Elderly, F word
Item: Ellen Degenerate
Item: Embarassing Biology question (and answer)
Item: Emo Phillips Routine
Item: Encomium by Voltaire
Item: Engineer Putdown
Item: Engineers vs. Computer Scientists, Toaster Dsign
Item: English is a Funny Language
Item: English Phone Story
Item: Falkland Islands
Item: Family Law Enforcement
Item: Famous Violinist
Item: Far Side in the Real World
Item: Financial Wisdom
Item: First Aid Comeuppance
Item: Fishermen Meeting
Item: Five Toughest Questions Women Ask Men (and a good joke)
Item: Foreign Language Insight
Item: Freak Shooting Accident
Item: Fruitcake (var)
Item: Fuck
Item: Gator Fan On Sex
Item: Geek Theology
Item: Good Thought (not exactly funny)
Item: Government in Action
Item: Guidelines For a Terrible Talk
Item: Guidelines for Airline Travel
Item: Haircuts, Men vs. Women
Item: Health Care FAQ
Item: Heaven and Computers
Item: Hell - Exothermic or Endothermic?
Item: History lesson, Citizen Kane, Unverified
Item: Hospital Planning
Item: Household Rules For Children from Old Testament
Item: How Shit Happens
Item: How to Satisfy a Woman/Man Every Time
Item: Hunting Skills Described Tactfully
Item: Hysterical, Ladle Rat Rotting Hut
Item: IBTC Follow-Up
Item: Insightful Observation on the Internet
Item: Insults, Legendary
Item: Interesting List of UNIX Commands
Item: Internet as an Information Superhighway
Item: Internet Cleaning
Item: Interview, Reiner, Brooks, Gelbart
Item: Jerry Gloss
Item: Jesus was ???
Item: Jesus, Proof of Nationality
Item: Job Losing Expressions (puns)
Item: Job Title Astrology - Okay in parts, right in parts?
Item: Joel's Tough Week - Good Brain Overload Analogy
Item: John Wayne Story
Item: Jungle Story
Item: Keep your sense of humor
Item: Kids on Political Campaigns
Item: Kit Carson Museum
Item: L.A. Gang High School Math Exam
Item: Lady Chatterley's Lover - Review
Item: Language Trends - PC Style
Item: Language, Twain
Item: Language, Twain Variation
Item: Lawyers and Experts
Item: Lawyers Interogation of a Coroner
Item: Letter From a Bozo
Item: Letter From College Student
Item: Letter of Recommendation
Item: Linclon/Kennedy NOT
Item: Little Johnny and the Eel
Item: Little Red Hen Meets Bureaucracy
Item: Love Quotes from Children
Item: Macs vs. IBMs
Item: Madonna Interview in Hungarian
Item: Management Report Writing
Item: Marraige Wisdom - (Seriously)
Item: Marriage, Divorce, Language
Item: Maternity e-mail
Item: Meetings, By Dave Barry
Item: Men and Women Observation
Item: Men and Women Are Not Alike
Item: Men and Women's Needs
Item: Men and Women, Dating (via Seinfeld)
Item: Men, Computers, Sex Symbols/ by Scott Adams
Item: Menstruation Observations
Item: Microsoft Press Release
Item: Microsoft TV Dinner
Item: Military and Halley's Comet
Item: Military Briefing Item
Item: Misdirected Message
Item: Mix-up Story
Item: Montana Winter
Item: More Latin
Item: New Element - Administratum
Item: News Flash - Photo Radar
Item: News Twist
Item: Not Too Funny, Interesting, Kisses, Geeks
Item: Nurse's Revenge
Item: Obituary for Pop N. Fresh
Item: OJ Simpson News story (sort of)
Item: OMNI's Scientific Explanations Contest
Item: Operating Systems Be Damned
Item: Origins of the Finger
Item: Patenting 1s and 0s.
Item: Pepper and Salt Press release, Language
Item: Perfect Story with a Twist
Item: Personal Story, Horses
Item: Please Remain Seated Announcement
Item: Polly-Nomial
Item: Practical Joke, Fishing
Item: Predictable Story, but good writing
Item: Pullman Anecdote
Item: Quips
Item: Railroads, Language
Item: Rednecks, Shotguns, and Signs
Item: Relationship Quiz (Part of)
Item: Roger and Elaine
Item: Romantic Observation
Item: Same Sex Marriage
Item: Scientific Writing
Item: Sex Legalese - Again
Item: Sex Legalese of the Highest Order
Item: Sex Life of an Electron
Item: Sex, Mix-ups
Item: Sexual Harassment in England
Item: Sexual Tension Quiz
Item: Shaggy Dog - Flu Advice
Item: Shakespeare Insult Kit
Item: Sick Laugh about a little old lady
Item: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Story
Item: Smithsonian, Letter to
Item: Snappy Comeback
Item: Soap Story (extended now...hmmmm)
Item: Software on Airplanes
Item: Sorry Geographical Knowledge
Item: Souther Cop Story
Item: Space Station Mir News Report
Item: Sparrow, Non-Conforming
Item: Speech Recognition Software
Item: Spell Checking
Item: Starting a Technology Company
Item: State Troopers
Item: Staw Wars - Guinness
Item: Stock Mixup Story - Told Well
Item: Stress, Satire
Item: Stupid Criminal Hall of Shame
Item: Stupid Lawyer Questions
Item: Stupid Siphoner
Item: Sunscreen Commencement Speech
Item: T-Shirt
Item: Taco Bell Sign
Item: Tall Tales
Item: Tall Tales
Item: Teaching Math Through the Decades
Item: Team Writing
Item: Tech Support - Smoking Power Supply
Item: Telephone Revenge
Item: The Cellular Age - Plimpton
Item: THE RAVIN' or Abort, Retry, Ignore?
Item: Think of the Internet as a Highway?
Item: Trick Questions (Odd Answers?)
Item: True Story, Too smart for his own good.
Item: Two New Chemical Elements (Man and Woman)
Item: Urban Legend Links
Item: Warning Label on Packing Slip
Item: Water Closet
Item: What am I?
Item: What I Desire
Item: What is an American?
Item: Why Fire the Secretary?
Item: Wife 1.0, Installation
Item: Windows 95 Defined
Item: Wisdom or Not?
Item: Women Pilot
Item: Year 2000 Problem