FileTitle: Prose1173.html
Category: Humor
Type: Prose
Description: Keep your sense of humor
Subject: old soccer stars reminisces about the past...

Sometime in May this year...

A former Hungarian soccer great, Ferenc Puskas arrived in Zurich
(Switzerland) to play an exhibition match. But his arrival saw the former
Hungarian and Real Madrid striker meet one of his unfortunate victims
 -- South Korean goalkeeper Hong Duck Young.

It was the hapless Hong who was supposed to halt the all-conquering
Hungarians when South Korea, playing its first World Cup final in 1954, met
the Hungarian side in Zurich.

Hungary crushed the Koreans 9-0 in that match.

The 69-year-old Puskas had trouble trying to remember how many goals he
scored against Hong. "Two or three. Anyway it was enough,"said Puskas.
"Everyone in the team was trying to get a goal..."

The 70-year-old  Hong managed to retain his humor, though.

Asked whether it was a difficult match for him he replied :"Not really. All I
had to do was keep getting the ball out of the back of the net."