FileTitle: Prose1233.html
Category: Humor
Type: Prose
Description: An Address For All Occasions

Mr. Chairman, Ladies, and Gentlemen.

        It is indeed a great and undeserved privilege to address such an
audience as I see before me.  At no previous time in the history of human
civilization have greater problems confronted and challenged the ingenuity
of man's intellect than now.  Let us look around us.  What do we see on the
horizon?  What forces are at work?  Whither are we drifting?  Under what
mist of clouds does the future stand obscured?

        My friends.  Casting aside the raiment of all human speech, the crucial
test for the solution of these intricate problems, to which I have just
alluded, is the sheer and forceful application of those immutable laws
which, down the corridors of time, have always guided the hand of man,
groping, as it were, for some faint beacon light for his hopes and
aspirations.  Without these great vital principles, we are but puppets
responding to whim and fancy, failing entirely to grasp the hidden meaning
of it all.  We must readdress ourselves to these questions which press for
answer and solution.  The issues cannot be avoided. there they stand.  It is
upon you, and you, and, yes, even upon me, that the yoke of responsibility

        What, then, is our duty?  Shall we continue to drift?  No!  With all
the emphasis of my being I hurl back the message: "NO!"  Drifting must stop!  We
must press onward and upward toward that ultimate goal to which all must

                                        "An Address to End All Addresses," by
                                        Parker Nevin, printed in 1948 in the
                                        Princeton Alumni Weekly.