FileTitle: Prose1256.html
Category: Humor
Type: Prose
Description: Souther Cop Story
Hoyt tells the story.....
  "We was goin' down to Atlanta to watch the Olympics and we turned
off the highway cause Delbert says he knows a 'shortcut'. Goin' down
some back road, we come to this t-bone intersection. I do one of them
*rollin' stops*!, ya know. Well, I look in the mirror and see this
blue light a flashin'. This big ole' sweaty Georgia cop gets out and
comes up to the window and asks me, "What do ya think you doin' boy?"
I said that I slowed down and there was nothing coming. Well he pulls
out this big ole' stick and starts hittin me upside the head,
*BAM*BAM*BAM*BAM*...... he said, " you want I should stop or slow
down?"  I said I see your point officer. He then walks around to the
passenger side of the car and reaches in and whacks Delbert in the
head, *BAM*.
Delbert says, "What did you do that for?" The cop says,
The cop says, "I was just makin' your wish come true."
Delbert, "Wish? What wish?"
Cop, "Well, I know ya'll will get about a half a mile down the road
      and you'll turn to your buddy there and say, 'I wish he'd a
      hit me with that stick!'"