FileTitle: Prose131.html
Category: Humor
Type: Prose
Description: Marriage, Divorce, Language
"Well, now, Mrs. Yockum, so you want a divorce?" the lawyer starts on his
client.  "Tell me about it. Do you have a grudge?"
"Oh, no," replied Mrs. Yockum. "But we do have a carport."
The lawyer tried again.  "Well, does your man beat you up?"
"No. no," said Mrs. Yockum, looking puzzled.  "I'm always the first one out
of bed every morning."
Trying once again the lawyer asked, "Well, does he go in for unnatural
connubial practices?"
"Well, now," Mrs. Yockum allowed, " he does play the flute but I doubt very
much that he knows anything about the connubial."
The lawyer is getting  desparate and he explains,"What I'm trying to find out
are what grounds you have."
"Well, bless your heart, sir.  We live in an apartment and we don't even have
a window box let alone grounds."
"Mrs. Yockum," the lawyer is out of patience and as a final try explains,
"you need a reason that the court can consider.  What is the reason for you
seeking this divorce?"
"Well, I'll tell you," said the woman, "It's because the man cannot hold an
intelligent conversation."  Patrick's Phunny Pages