FileTitle: Prose1341.html
Category: Humor
Type: Prose
Description: Tall Tales
Not to start a trend, but how about a Texas tall tale?

Texas--that's the place where everything grows bigger and better, even the
dust storms. They say that out in the Panhandle a rancher went into Amarillo
to borrow money on his acerage. "Before I can let you have anything," the
banker shouted above the sound of the high wind, "I'll have to go out and
take a look at your place." "'Twon't be necessary," said the rancher, "Here
comes the place raht now."

And the Texas Rangers--they grow big and tough too. Seems there was a riot
in one of the towns down Lufkin way and the mayor wired for a company of
Rangers to come and disperse the mob. Pretty soon a lone Ranger steps down
from the train. "Hey!" says the mayor, "it's a tough mob; I wired for a
company of Rangers, not just one Ranger!"

"Well," drawled the Ranger, "you ain't got but one mob, ain't you?"