FileTitle: Prose1381.html
Category: Humor
Type: Prose
Description: Brandy Snitcher
And so the master of the house was discussing with his brother that his very
high quality brandy was disappearing from the bar at an alarming rate, even
though he was not personally drinking it, and nor had he been offering it to
his distinguished guests over the past few weeks.
In the end he decided the only person he could think of as the culprit was
his house boy Hop Sing.
With this in mind he took the bottle of brandy,  poured out the contents into
another container and urinated in the bottle to exactly the line where the
brandy had once filled the bottle.
Yet again when he checked the bottle night after night, the perfumed liquid
would surely disappear.
In total frustration he confronted Hop Sing.    Hop Sing  I can not take any
more of you drinking my expensive brandy,  this has to cease.  Oh no kind
master sir  , said Hop Sing,  Only use brandy for cooking .