FileTitle: Prose1386.html
Category: Humor
Type: Prose
Description: Nurse's Revenge
     A CEO-type was in the hospital, being treated for a minor deal.  For a
week he'd made a complete nuisance of himself, irritating all the staff,
shouting orders and demanding attention, complaining about the food, the
bed, the temperature, the weather. Typical bigshot.
     One morning a nurse's helper entered the room, saying, "Time to take
your temperature, sir."
     After growling that she was disturbing his nap, the guy finally opened
his mouth for the thermometer.
     "Sorry, sir," said the nurse, "but for this test we need your
temperature from the other end."
     After bitching about the embarrassment and inconvenience, the guy
finally rolled over and bared his butt.  After the nurse finished, she said,
"Stay exactly like that and don't move. I'll be back in five minutes to
check up on you."
     The nurse left, leaving the door ajar. The guy's back is to the door,
and for over an hour, he hears people wandering up and down the hall,
laughing.  At length the guy's doctor entered the room, saw the guy with his
bare ass in the air and gawked. Finally, he asks, "What's going on here?"
     The guy barks, "Haven't you ever seen someone having their temperature
    "Not with a petunia."