FileTitle: Prose1516.html
Category: Humor
Type: Prose
Description: Falkland Islands
This story comes from the radio and is claimed to be true:

In the Falkland Islands there has been a large UK military presence since
the war with Argentina. RAF pilots have found it very difficult to avoid
boredom on islands where sheep and penguins are the main inhabitants.
However, the latter group are providing an unexpected diversion.

A pilot flies around until he finds a beach on which there are several
hundred penguins. He flies from left to right along the beach. Some of the
birds will carefully follow the plane swivelling their heads to keep it in
view. The pilot then returns flying along the beach from right to left. By
now all of the penguins are keeping a careful eye on the plane moving their
heads in time as it passes. The pilot then flies out to sea, turns and flies
towards the beach. All the penguins carefully watch the plane as it
approaches. And continue to do so at it flies overhead causing all of the
penguins to tip their heads back so far that all the birds fall over onto
their backs!

Mike Robertshaw