FileTitle: Prose29.html
Category: Humor
Type: Prose
Description: True Story, Too smart for his own good.
Subject: True story

My roommate is a very intelligent man, almost too intelligent, because he
hasn't much in the way of common sense...

Last night, I was working on the computer, and decided that I wanted to
have some candles instead of the normal, I got two out, lit
them, and went back to work.  He, meanwhile, was at a hockey game, and
invited a bunch of his friends over to the house afterwards.

One of his friends arrived before he did, so she went to the living room
and turned on the tv.  I turned on the hall lights, and went back into
the office, turned up the radio a smidgen, and went back to work.

My roommate arrives maybe 5 minutes later...walks into the house, looks
into the office and sees the candles.  Now mind you all, the computer is
on, the radio is on, the tv is on, the hall lights are on...

So what does he ask?  "Don't we have electricity?"

To think...his name isn't even Homer.