FileTitle: Prose531.html
Category: Humor
Type: Prose
Description: Birth Of a Candy Bar

                      THE BIRTH OF A CANDY BAR

One pay day, Mr. Goodbar wanted to Skor, so he took Miss Hershey to the
Pot-O-Gold Motel on the corner of Oreo and Fifth Avenue to show her some Twix.
He began to feel her Mounds that were pure Almond Joy and it made her Tootise
Roll which made him want to Eat More.

When he saw her Cherry Blossom, he gasped "Sweet Marie this is Wunder Bar."
She let out a Snicker as his Butterfinger went up her Kit-Kat and caused a
Milky Way.

She screamed, "Oh Henry" as she grabbed his Big Turk and squeezed his
M&M's.  Miss Hershey said "You are even better than the Three Musketeers," to
which Mr. Goodbar replied,"When you're this good they call you Mr. Big."

Soon she was a bit Chunky and 9 months later she had a Baby Ruth.