FileTitle: Prose86.html
Category: Humor
Type: Prose
Description: Cats, Gross
Two kids adopted a stray cat.  They couldn't afford Kitty Litter so
they filled a box with dirt from their back yard and kept it inside
their screened-in back porch.   The entire back yard was dirt, but that
stupid cat would scratch and meow at the screen door until someone let
it inside to get to the box of dirt.  The family went on vacation for a
week, took the cat along, but forgot to take the box of dirt.  When
they returned home, the cat looked like a football with a head and
legs. It's hard to describe what happened when it finally got to the
box of dirt.  Have you ever blown up a balloon only to have it slip out
of your fingers before you could tie a knot in its neck?  Lyle's Joke