Category: Humor
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Item: AA
Item: Abortion Acronym????
Item: Abortion Clinics
Item: Advantage of shopping
Item: Anchor Man
Item: Art Museum
Item: Athlete's Salary
Item: Atoms
Item: Bad Medical Advertising
Item: Bad Present Idea
Item: Bar Pick ups
Item: Bar Pun
Item: Barbie Dolls
Item: Bear and a Rabbit
Item: Bearded Lady Killed
Item: Bigamy
Item: Blind Man in a Drugstore
Item: Blonde Coyote
Item: Blonde Hair
Item: Bob Dole, Conervatives
Item: Bowl of Soup Order
Item: Brando Movie Part
Item: Breast-Feeding Yuppettes
Item: Bubba's Revenge
Item: Bumper Sticker
Item: Bumper Sticker - Atheism
Item: Bumper Sticker - PC Dead
Item: Cabbie and the Streetwalker
Item: Café Order
Item: Candy and Grown-ups
Item: Change Your Mind
Item: Charlie Brown?
Item: Chicken and Egg
Item: Children of Lesbian Partners
Item: Church Fund Raising Idea
Item: Clinton and the Beer Bottle
Item: Clubhouse Rules
Item: Confucious on Masturbation
Item: Congress
Item: Costume Party
Item: Cotton Fields
Item: Cubs Web Site
Item: Deep Thought
Item: Devil vs. Santa Claus
Item: Diet Pill Twist
Item: Difference Between Girls and Boys
Item: Doctor Patient Sex
Item: Doctors
Item: Dog and Flea Circus
Item: Dog's Privates
Item: Douche Bag Joke
Item: Drinking Theme
Item: Druggie Breakfast
Item: Economic Theory
Item: Economic Theory
Item: Economics Professor
Item: Economics Professor - Part 2
Item: Example of the Golden Rule
Item: Experience
Item: Farm Boy Joins Army
Item: Fascist Pigs
Item: Fe-Mail Directory
Item: Fire!
Item: Fish
Item: Freedom
Item: Friends and Lovers
Item: Galley Slaves - Good News/Bad News
Item: Gene Pool
Item: Gold
Item: Golfer Drowning
Item: Good & Bad - Naked Wife
Item: Graffiti
Item: Grocery Store Clerk Quip
Item: Grocery Store PA Quip
Item: Hale-Bopp Bumper Sticker
Item: Hand Gestures, Goofy
Item: Harassment, Dressing
Item: Health Levels
Item: Health Nuts
Item: Heaven vs. Hell
Item: Hot Cyber Romance
Item: Hubble Telescope
Item: Ignorance
Item: Internet Definition
Item: Internet thought, Wisdom
Item: It's Not How deep You Fish
Item: Jehovah's Witness
Item: Jewish Women at Dinner
Item: Ketchup Ad
Item: Key to Success, Truth
Item: Kids Arrested
Item: Las Vegas G String
Item: Laundry Instructions
Item: Library Convention
Item: Lincoln and Kennedy - Addendum
Item: Liquor and Women
Item: Lottery - Home Version
Item: Magical Number Five
Item: Male Birth Control
Item: Male Put-Down Question
Item: Man in a Forest
Item: Marital Infidelity
Item: Marraige is like...
Item: Marriage
Item: Marriage in the 90's
Item: Marriage, Sex
Item: Masturbation in a Theater
Item: Men Are From Mars
Item: Men Giving Birth
Item: Michael Jackson, Topical
Item: Microwave, New
Item: Mistresses
Item: Mom Can't Give You Everything
Item: Mooning Pun
Item: Movie Snack Orders
Item: Naval Base Troubles
Item: New (Respectable?) Botfriend
Item: No Smoking Sign
Item: OJ Observation
Item: Olive Oil
Item: One-Lined Twist
Item: Opinion on Abortion
Item: Opportunity Knocks on a New Home
Item: Painting Review
Item: Paul Revere Virus
Item: Pick-up Line
Item: Pizza Discount Quip
Item: Plastic Surgery
Item: Please, pass the salt
Item: PMS News
Item: Positive Attitude
Item: Postman a Bad Man?
Item: Pothole in the Road
Item: Presidents
Item: Priest and Temptation
Item: Priest Taking Cold Showers
Item: Prostitues and Large Holes
Item: Prostitute
Item: Protesters
Item: Psychiatrists Meet
Item: Puns
Item: Puns, Three of them, Bad
Item: Real Man
Item: Rooster Chasing Hens
Item: Say Something Nice or...
Item: Self Depracation
Item: Sermon, Short
Item: Set Her Hair
Item: Sex and Arguments
Item: Sex and Confidence
Item: Sex Before Marriage
Item: Sex, Put Down
Item: Sexual Number of the Beast
Item: Shopping for Dresses
Item: Sister in the Army
Item: Size Does Not Matter
Item: Size Matters - Comeback
Item: Slogan
Item: Snakes
Item: Snappy Comeback for Exhibitionist
Item: Steering Wheel on the Willy
Item: Stupid Public Restroom Prank
Item: Suggestion Box Observation
Item: T-Shirt from Atlanta Games
Item: Taco Bell Story
Item: Tag Line
Item: Talking Clock
Item: Taxation With Representation
Item: Teddy Roosevelt's Dog
Item: Tempura House Woman's Shelter
Item: Texan Walks Into a Bar
Item: Thinking
Item: Thought for the Day
Item: Three Nuns Get Flashed
Item: Time as a Healer?
Item: Time is Money
Item: Time vs. Distance
Item: Tom Swifite - Sex
Item: Tom Swiftie (Show Business)
Item: Tranquilizer for Turtles
Item: Two Rules for Life
Item: Two Wrongs
Item: Understanding
Item: Uptight
Item: Valentine's Day - Wire Flowers
Item: Viagra Candy Bar
Item: Vulture's Holiday
Item: Walk on Water
Item: Wife Dead for Two Weeks
Item: Wife Parking Car
Item: Wife Wins Lottery
Item: Wigwam, Teepee
Item: Woman Joins the Army
Item: Women and Sex
Item: Women Equal to Men?
Item: Women's Radio Station
Item: Yankee - Definition