Great Books Education

Title Author Notes
Conflict of Visions Thomas Sowell A majestically balanced look at the two major viewpoints, or visions, that exist in the United States, and probably most of the world, today.

Title Author Notes
Are Your Lights On? Gerald Weinberg A simple look at understanding the problem. Provides a great starting framework for thinking about and defining problems.
The Power of Logical Thinking Marilyn Vos Savant A solid exploration of logical thinking, and contains a spectaular dissertation on the inablility of many experts to understand the problem. ( A study on the Monty Hall Dilemma that is included in the appendix.)
Flaws and Fallacies in Statistical Thinking Stephen K. Campbell (Out of print) I found this great, easy to read, exploration of statistics in my local library. It provides a lot of simple examples and explanations of how not to use statistics. It makes it a lot easier to recognize when writers and politicians are misusing statistics.

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