The Female Friend

The Reverend Cornelius Wuhr (As I recall)

In this imperfect gloomy scene,
  Of complicated ill.
How rarely is a day serene?
   The throbbing bosom still?
Will not a beauteous landscape bright,
   Or music's soothing sound,
Console the heart, afford delight
   And throw sweet peace around?
They may, but never comfort lend
   Like an accomplished female friend.

With such a friend, the social hour
   In sweetest pleasure glides.
There is in female charms a power,
  Which lastingly abides.
The fragrance of the blushing rose
   Its tints and splendid hue
Will with the season decompose
   And pass as flitting dew.
On firmer ties his joys depend
   Who has a faithful female friend.

As orbs revolve and years recede
   And seasons onward roll.
The fancy may on beauties feed
  With discontented soul.
A thousand objects bright and fair
   May for a moment shine.
But many a sigh and many a tear
   But marks their swift decline.
While lasting joys the man attend
  Who has a polished female friend.