Food Poem For a Graduating Friend
by Kurt Simmons
May you have a chocolate day,
Smooth and mellow in every way.
Gelato, up, your life will spice,
And cool you off if you need ice.
Jalapenos can add a little zip,
And help you through a study trip.

Feeling low? Dragging the ground?
Your social life it can't be found?
Try some Orange a la Duck
If there is no guy...uh hum...around.
Milk will add some strength to bone,
And gird you, if you feel alone.

Feeling lost? Down and out?
Be glad you're not a brussel sprout.
Does your future make you shiver?
Hey! You could be chicken liver!
There's lots of foods you're glad you ain't
So a better life let's paint.

Do you need some good luck fairies?
Have yourself a bowl of cherries.
Do your spirits need a lift?
Buy a cookie as a gift.

A piece of Fruit? Ice Cream? Cake?
Maybe Pizza that you bake?
Any food can lift you up.
Even coffee in a cup.
But if this food is not your thing,
Then friends can up, your spirits, bring.

Friends are cool so see them lots.
Maybe they have extra cots.
You're nourished by their e-mail words,
Like Mary was by whey and curds.

Friends are just like baking bread,
They waft good thoughts into your head.
Their aromatic presence there,
Can chase away most any care.

Chat, eat, visit. Meditate.
Whatever helps you graduate.
Do it all without a care.
And know my thoughts are with you there.