World Peace
by Kurt Simmons
Here in Boulder we have some women who dress in black on Wednesday and stand on a street corner holding a sign "Women in Black standing in silent vigil for PEACE." I see them and think, "What a waste!" My wild hunch about peace is that if we did everything perfectly right, in every country in the world, it would still take 200 years to arrive at peace. (I am deluded on that count, of course.) There has to be something better than standing on a street corner holding a sign. At best it can only get people hoping for peace, but then nothing gets done. On the plus side it honks me off enough I get to think about what they could really do instead. Now Steve (other post reference) has set the standard of poetry for the cause, so here goes!

Peace is on our minds a lot these days. 
It is something we hope comes everyone's way.
If it comes real soon it would soothe all our fear.
Maybe it will arrive by the end of the year!

The War is everywhere, it's in all of the news.
Pundits galore are sharing their views. 
We have such focus in our lives each day
We think Iraq is the only war under way.

Its the biggest, the most bang and the most buck
But other places are also down on their luck.
A quick Google check on the Wars of '06 
Shows many other places in a similar fix.

There's Israel-Palestine, Darfur, and Chad
The Solomon Islands have things that are bad.
The Ivory Coast, Congo, and Pakistan
All have conflicts, as does Afghanistan.

Nepal has some rebels out making hay,
Chechnya has similar bad guys in the fray.
Colombia is fighting some folks in the hills,
And Thailand is battling similar ills.

A look at history from way back then to today
Shows there have always been wars under way.
Where is there peace and what can we say,
Are factors that help to keep it that way?

Three mundane factors start off my list.
There might be more, but you'll get the gist.
There's the Rule of Law - protection from thugs
And Property Rights, a place for MY bugs.

Lastly there's the banks don't you know,
Where my money is safe while I learn and I grow.
A couple more verses on each of these things
Might help my idea to spread its young wings.

Rule of Law requires police and some courts
A couple of lawyers and maybe some torts.
To get up each day and live without fear 
Is something most worldly people hold dear.

There are whole countries where this is not so,
People find danger wherever they go.
A strong legal system throughout each land
Is a first step in a World Peace plan.

Property Rights lets you keep what you sow.
You work real hard and your assets will grow.
A worker who slaves under government's thumb
Finds themself with a life that is numb.

A farmer who owns their own piece of land
Works harder to make a life that is grand.
If we come up with a way for folks to own dirt,
I think we will find that fewer people get hurt.

Finally banks, as much as we hate 'em,
Are better than some "Peace Now!" ultimatum.
Folks can then convert their labors to cash
And invest it to build up their own private stash.

People with ideas that need cash for to grow,
Also have a regulated place they can go.
With proper guidance they can start their own biz,
And create jobs for others, 'cause that's where it is.

I know peaceful ideas that come from a pipe
Sounds like something whose time is now ripe,
But history shows that much more must be true
For prosperity to spread the whole world through.

With a sound government structure, where people feel safe
Fewer bad thoughts at society's fabric will chafe.
Reducing the need for worry or care
Will help world peace spread through the air.

Women in Black standing in silent vigil for GLOBAL PROPERTY RIGHTS!

KurtSimmons 2007.05.09