January 31, 2006 X-ray update

No change since the last x-ray, at least nothing significant. On a plus side it is not going backwards. I only started increasing my workouts in the last month or two. The doctor thinks something needs to change in how we are doing things though and has given me permission to jog a little. I have to start at 30 seconds and work my way up. The idea is to send compression force through the bone the long way to stimulate a response along the front side. It will also work some different muscle fibers (fast twitch, instead of just slow twitch).

I also get to start at a low weight and do one leg presses. When I do leg presses with two legs, although I seem to get stronger numerically, I suspect that the strong right leg is taking up most of the slack. I should have some form of interesting update within a month. Either I can jog and feel stronger, or things are either not better, or worse. The adventure continues.