April 17, 2007 X-ray update

Sagas usually aren't this long

I just seem to be really curious to see how this progresses if I nurse it. Some people would argue for a quick rerod and heal the sucker. Fool that I am I jog on. Actually I only have one rehab trick I can try. I have been jogging on a treadmill with a very soft deck. I am going to move my jogging to the track. That sends more force through the leg. If this does not stimulate enough bone growth then it is time to "change the environment." That means surgery, electrical stimulation, or something else amusingly brutal.

More when it happens.


Left Images - Aug. 17, 2006 Right Images - Apr. 17, 2007
Left Images - Aug. 17, 2007 Right Images - Apr. 17, 2007