General Theory of Learning Styles and Presentation Styles

I used to teach computer programming. It was a glorious adventure. I am now working on developing a web site that would teach the game of bridge. It struck me that the two processes are the same. If so, the ideal format of each class would be very similar. This web site will record the saga as it unfolds. It starts with a prototype bridge site and a survey I sent to many of my former students. If you want to contribute feel free to e-mail me at
  • Bridge Semantic Map Template
    This idea comes from a book called A Mind At A Time. They talked about how good students may not have larger vocabularies, but a better network of how to use their vocabularies. Their semantic maps may hold lots of relationships between words and concepts, enabling them to retrieve and use them more easily. I decided to try this with a bridge concept to see what it would look like. That map, for a finesse, is linked from the Template page. The Template will let a learner fill in related concepts and hopefully become a better player by building the map.
  • Education Grid - Components of Learning
    This page shows what a detailed analysis of the learning environment might start out like. By enumerating all possible components of a learning situation, at least in universities, a person might be better able to design the structure of the course. A later step should involve linking each combination to a page describing the issues for that combination.
  • Prototype - Learning To Play A Bridge Hand (Version Three)
    Back to vertical layout for the cards, just like the bridge columns. Necessitated moving the glossary. Changed bidding format, added detail to glossary and suit evaluations.
  • Prototype - Learning To Play A Bridge Hand (Version Two)
    The second prototype of the bridge site. The hand is a complicated one, but overall the pieces for one hand are all there. (Rest of site not worked on yet.) Some confusion on North-South might exist due to an unfinished design change.
  • Prototype - Learning To Play A Bridge Hand (Version One)
    First draft of my bridge learning web page. Primitive and incomplete, but it's a start!
  • Questions on Learning a Process Based Subject
    The series of questions being sent around.