Unique Lives and Experiences

This page is dedicated to the Unique Lives and Experiences Lecture Series that arrives in Denver at the beginning of each year. Five prominent women come to town to tell their stories for an evening. There is one speaker a month for the first five months of the year. Each speaker talks for an hour followed by a question and answer period.
The writer, that's me, is a male. There are not many of us at the lectures. The summaries below reflect what I believe I heard. This page is being created starting with the beginning of the 2001 and series. I am still trying to find a writing style that suits me. Earlier speakers are summaries of what was said. In some cases, Maya Angelou, for example, I have added to my early write-ups the effect the speaker had or what I remember most.
If you would like more information on the series, or to find out if it is in a town near you, please vist the home page at: www.uniquelives.com
2003 Barbara Bush
March 3
Sarah Weddington
March 31
Marlo Thomas
April 14
Patty Duke
May 14
Jane Fonda
June 2
2002 Madeline Albright
Jan. 28
Linda Ellerbee
Feb. 25
Dr. Mae Jemison
March 11
Marie Osmond
April 8
Gloria Steinem
May 28
2001 Deborah Norville
Jan. 24
Kim Phuc
Feb. 26
Jehan Sadat
March 26
Candice Bergen
April 23
Shirley MacLaine
May 21
2000 Ann Richards
Jan. 25
Julie Andrews
Feb. 21
Cokie Roberts
March 20
Star Jones
April 5
Benazir Bhutto
May 8
1999 Mary Tyler Moore Sally Field
Feb. 24
Betty Mahmoody
April 26
Lesley Stahl
March 29
Maya Angelou
May 10