Wisdom Page Index

  1. Rules For Being Human
    Here is the big picture of what is going to happen to you in life. These rules can help you understand and view the events that occur. Found these on a friend's refrigerator, transcribed them with a crayon onto construction paper, took them home, and posted them on my website.
  2. The Four Agreements
    Here are four agreements you can make with yourself to allow you to lead a happier more satisfying life. These agreements reflect the wisdom of the Toltecs. The basic idea may be enough but for more information or to find out more about the book these ideas come from you can go to the website of the author don Miguel Ruiz.
  3. Swami Beyondanda's Guidelines for Enlightenment.
    Not for the seeker of the obvious here, these humorous tidbits of wisdom showed up on the home page of the best internet radio station in the world www.kpig.com.
  4. Bumper Sticker Wisdom.
    Most of these are wise bumperstickers. Some are just comedy. In general they are thought provoking, or at least good satire. If nothing else, I like them, so there! Contributions are welcome at the address on the home page.